Excessive Cost



This excuse centers on the fact that you feel you must join an expensive fitness center or spa in order to get your daily dose of physical activity.  Not so, there are plenty ways to add in fitness that do not cost you an arm and a leg.  The loss of appendages would make it difficult to fit in a balance physical activity program.  Try these inexpensive options:

So many strategies, money cost can only be constricted by your creativity and imagination!

bulletAll you really need is a pair of proper shoes for whatever your chosen activity.  Walking, running, basketball, hiking, soccer or if you're diversifying your portfolio  -  a pair of cross-trainers. Now get outside with the kids and play!
bulletBuy a home exercise video.  Better yet, tape the TV shows on ESPN2 or your local community cable access stations - and work out at your convenience, in the privacy of your comfortable home, in whatever outfit you like.  
bulletPut on some music and dance the night away!  Hit the local dance club scene - arrive early and avoid the door coverage charge.
bulletRake those leaves, shovel that snow, till that soil - gardening is great activity - and the hours of sweat will beautify your personal landscape.  Don't forget to water as your sweat will not be enough to germinate seeds.
bulletSearch your local newspaper or web site for used or reconditioned fitness equipment - save you $$$$$. Or purchase some inexpensive equipment like a jump rope, set of dumbbells, or resistance bands.

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