Exercise Barriers



Exercise Barriers

Below are a number of excuses people give when they are asked why they do NOT exercise.  Whether you currently exercise regularly or not, please read each excuse carefully and indicate, by circling the appropriate number, how often you feel the reason is true for you personally, or would be true for you personally if you did NOT exercise. 

1 = Never
2 = Seldom
3 = Occasionally
4 = Often
5 = Repeatedly

Why donít you, or would you not exercise regularly? How often is that a reason for your lack of participation?

(answer using the above outlined 5-point scale)

Lack of Time

Lack of Energy

Lack of Motivation

Excessive cost


Lack of facilities nearby

Feeling uncomfortable

Lack of skill

Fear of injury

Lack of safe places

Lack of childcare

Lack of partner

Insufficient programs

Lack of support

Lack of transportation


This checklist has not been formally validated but is associated with the list generated by the 1995 Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Institute's Stages of Change in Exercise study.  (see CFLRI in Federal Resource section of this web site)


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