Health Belief


HB Flow Chart

In the Health Belief Model an individual's health related behavior depends on the perception of four critical areas: 

  1. perceived susceptibility to illness, 
  2. the perceived potential severity of illness, 
  3. the perceived benefits of taking  preventive action, 
  4. and the perceived barriers to taking that action

Key Concepts: Basically, scaring someone into action before it is too late. "If you don't start exercising, lose weight, and lower your blood pressure, YOU are going to die!"  This approach works well with the a sick, ill, diseased or aging  population, but not with the young and apparently healthy who are voluntary attempting to adopt or adhere to an exercise program. The Model makes use of "cues to action" wherein an individual might write a reminder to go to the gym at 4:00pm. 

Key Authors:  (Hochbaum, 1958, Rosenstock, 1960, 1966)


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