As long as you don't have a fever working out when you are a bit under the weather can be beneficial as exercise increases metabolism and infection fighting agents.  Physical activity increases inner body core temperature and if you are already feverish - you'll be adding insult to injury.  Speaking of injuries, if you cannot use your normal range of motion (arms and legs) you should not conduct that particular activity - seek out low-non-impact related alternatives like swimming, cycling and aqua jogging/exercises. 

So many strategies! - I'm sick and tired of making excuses! - How 'bout you?

bulletStay well hydrated - drink plenty of decaffeinated and non-alcoholic beverages.
bulletStart your workout slowly, monitor yourself, and if necessary lower the intensity for the workout, and cut back on the duration.
bulletCross-train (vary activities from day to day - or during a single workout) to prevent repetitive stress injuries
bulletRICE - Rest, Ice Compression, Elevation for muscle pulls, joint aches, bumps and bruises
bulletWear proper foot attire, er rather shoes and sneakers not tires.

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