Lack of Energy



You run around all day and by the time you come home you are too tired to exercise.

So many strategies, the excuses are tiring !


bulletBeing active actually boosts your metabolism and energy level - JUST MOVE!
bulletExercise before you shower and dress in the morning - you'll save time and money on your water and heating bills
bulletExercise during your lunch hour - eat 250+ calories within 20 minutes of finishing to jump start the recuperation,  restoration and growth process. 
bulletMost people experience a brain energy lull between 2-4 pm each day.  Take advantage of this non-cognitive time and get physical.
bulletMake like the Energizer Bunny - recharge your batteries with adequate sleep (7-8 hours), or a quick 20-40 minute bunny nap prior to hopping into your exercise routine.



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