Lack of Motivation



Motivation can come and go - like the change in seasons or ebb and flow of the tide.  So may your reasons for participation in activity.  When you were a child - you enjoyed to "play" with others.  As a teenager the social significance may have been replaced with dreams of competition.  Adulthood has seen the concern for your health motivate you.  Well, why not all three - use what ever reason you can find to remain active.  Better yet, employ several reasons. 


So many strategies, many reasons to motivate or move yourself!

bulletPlug in your headphones and put on your favorite inspirational music and get rockin'! Go out and boogie woogie til you just can't boogie no more - hit the local dance floor; ballroom, square, disco, hip-hop - its all good!
bulletWatch an inspirational movie, try "Rocky," "American Flyer," "The Longest Yard," "The Bad News Bears," "Endless Summer,"  "Bull Durham," "Hoop Dreams."
bulletMeet with a personal trainer on Monday to start your week off on the right, or left foot.
bulletJump into a group exercise class - let the instructor pull you along.  "YEAH! - COME ON NOW!"
bulletAsk a friend, co-worker or family member to meet you once a week - make sure they are more enthusiastic than you.

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