Lack of Time



This is the # 1 excuse given for not exercising.  You perceive yourself as not having enough time in the day to get in a good exercise session.  Too much to do, and not enough time - and exercise is not one of those things to do!

So many strategies - so little time to list them all!


bulletMulti-task - do two things at one time:  exercise and watch tv, exercise and read, exercise while you walk the dog, play with the kids, get busy on those house chores.
bulletBreak your exercise session into smaller chunks.  Try three - 10 minute walks rather than one 30 minute session.  It may be easier to squeeze these in and the cumulative benefits will be almost as good.
bulletWork on your time management skills to more efficiently use the time you do have available.
bulletPrioritize! Cut out the deadwood.  How important is your health to you? Your family?
bulletAdd an extra hour onto the clock - quite a trick!


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