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The intent and purpose of this website is both educational and research oriented in nature.

The educational component is geared for individuals who wish to learn how to change, to prepare for change, or prepare others for change in order to adopt (start-up, initiate), or adhere (continue, maintain) to healthy behaviors like exercise.  Health behavior theory and practical applications are provided for your study and employment.

The research component of this site is designed in part to fulfill doctoral dissertation requirement.  Here is the opportunity for you to participate in the collection of data on the reasons why individuals have difficulty adopting or adhering to voluntary health behaviors like exercise.  It is hoped that through the sharing of your own personal experiences, feelings, beliefs, reasons, or excuses, trends can be identified, reported and future research addressing these needs be commissioned as well as practical applications be developed. 

This site is completely owned, operated and financed by the author/researcher, Bruce Cohen.  


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